SCOTTDALE, Pa. (AP) _ Police unearthed bones in the cellar of a house where a man said he buried the body of a baby girl he fathered with his daughter.

Investigators on Wednesday found what appeared to be a human skull and leg bones, said Scottdale Police Chief Tony Martin. The bones were to be tested.

Authorities searched for more remains today.

Mendum Paul Corvin, 61, told authorities where to look for the body he buried 25 years ago in the house where he lived with his three daughters.

Corvin admitted burying the infant in the Pennsylvania house after authorities in Florida on Saturday unearthed the remains of a baby boy Corvin fathered by the same daughter in 1968, when she was 12, police said.

The daughter, a 39-year-old bartender in Florida, told authorities her father buried the newborn boy in the back yard of the family's home in Boynton Beach, Fla.

Corvin, who briefly visited the Scottdale house to tell police where to dig, calmly described taking the baby girl from his daughter's arms and laying it on the basement floor, Martin said.

The retired electrician remained jailed on murder charges in the girl's death. Florida police were questioning him about the dead boy.

The boyfriend of Corvin's eldest daughter went to police with the story of incest and murder that had plagued her for years, said Steven Gomberg, the woman's lawyer.