Nebraska Department of Transportation paving the way for self-driving vehicles

December 29, 2018

LINCOLN - Driverless vehicles are beginning to hit America’s roadways, and the Department of Transportation wants to be prepared for when they come to Nebraska.

State Transportation Director Kyle Schneweis, says instead of directly interfere with the implementation of self-driving cars, it’s better for the state to take on a more supportive role.

“The number one thing I like to say when it comes to being prepared self-driving cars, is that we as a state and as leaders need to stay out of the way and let the innovations of the private sector come forward,” says Schneweis.

He says can imagine a day where autonomous vehicles have a heavy presence on Nebraska’s roadways.

“If you fast forward a long ways, 20 years or so, I would guess so,” says Schneweis. “But it’s not something that will change overnight; it will be slow and steady.”

Schneweis says the state is actively talking with auto manufacturers about how to best support the new technology when it eventually makes its way stateside.

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