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^Peanut allergy? Treatment working and could soon be open to all kids<

^HEALTH-PEANUT-ALLERGY-CHILDREN:KC—<Jackie Sapko and her husband spent the first five years of their son Colton’s life trying to keep him away from anything with peanuts.

Colton’s peanut allergy was so severe that even a tiny taste could send him to the emergency room. EpiPens, nut-free preschools and carting his own cupcakes to birthday parties became routine parts of life.

So when Sapko heard Children’s Mercy Hospital was offering an experimental treatment that would intentionally expose him to peanuts, albeit gradually, it was a tough call for her.

1000 by Andy Marso. MOVED


^As Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton get closer, what’s the ideal sister-in-law relationship?<

^LIFE-MEGHAN-KATE-SIS-IN-LAW:TB—<When Kate Middleton wed Prince William in 2011, the obsession was real. The couple dominated magazine covers. There was a Lifetime movie about their courtship. Seventy-two million people watched the live stream of the wedding on YouTube.

Seven years later, anticipation builds as the younger of Princess Diana’s two sons prepares to wed. The royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is just weeks away, and new dynamics have piqued public interest.

650 by Lauren Chval. MOVED


^NC deputies step in when some parents don’t show at school to dance with their kids<

^LIFE-DEPUTIES-SCHOOLDANCE:CH—<A Daddy/Daughter Mother/Son dance held recently at a small North Carolina elementary school is getting national attention after news spread on social media that some deputies stepped in for the parents who didn’t show up.

350 by Mark Price. MOVED



^Rx: Wear this on your tummy and call me in the morning<

^HEALTH-GASTRIC-DISORDER-MONITOR:SD—<Heart and brain activity are routinely measured through the skin with adhesive electrodes. But diagnosing gastric diseases may require patients to endure a tube stuck through the nose, down the throat and into the stomach.

Scientists led by UC San Diego researchers say they have a better option for these patients. They’ve invented a stomach-monitoring device worn like a fanny pack.

750 by Bradley J. Fikes in San Diego. MOVED


^Mayo study: Easy-to-use, noninvasive stimulation device can help prevent migraine attacks<

^HEALTH-MIGRAINES:MYO—<A migraine is much more than just a bad headache. Migraine symptoms, which can be debilitating for many people, are the sixth leading cause of disability, according to the World Health Organization. While there is no cure, a new study published in Cephalalgia journal in March shows single-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation is a new way to prevent migraine attacks. It’s safe, easy to use and noninvasive.

350 From Mayo Clinic News Network in Scottsdale, Ariz. MOVED


^Debating whether to remodel or sell your house? Ask these 7 questions first<

^HOME-REMODEL-OR-SELL-HOME:TB—<Choosing whether to renovate or to move — essentially, in the words of HGTV, whether to love it or list it — is a complicated decision. Before forging ahead, you need to weigh multiple factors. Experts suggest you ask yourself these questions.

950 by Danielle Braff. MOVED



^Hot Property: Crooner has history on his side<

HOME-HOTPROPERTY:LA — In Pasadena, a home with a rich history has sold to a man who plans to keep it that way.

The John S. Cravens estate, a grand mansion on Millionaire’s Row, has been purchased by Grammy-nominated singer-musician Michael Feinstein for $7 million.

The estate boasts nearly 20,000 square feet of elegant flourishes and European finishes.

1150 by Neal J. Leitereg and Jack Flemming in Los Angeles. MOVED



^ Quinn on Nutrition: New look at eggs<

^NTR-HEALTH-ONNUTRITION:MN—<For the first time in decades, the latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans no longer recommend that we limit our intake of cholesterol to 300 milligrams a day. (One egg yolk contains about 180 milligrams of cholesterol.)

500 by Barbara Quinn. MOVED




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