Nikon Releases High-Speed Super Resolution Microscope

August 6, 2018

MELVILLE, N.Y., Aug. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nikon Instruments Inc., innovator of advanced optical instruments, today announced the release of the latest in its line of state-of the art tools. The N-SIM S Super Resolution Microscope enables super-solution imaging of live cells at ten-times the speed of conventional SIM. Powered at its core by the ECLIPSE Ti2-E Inverted Research Microscope, the N-SIM S offers advanced optics, superior stability and intelligent features.

“The development of super-resolution microscopy has enabled researchers to gain insights into biological processes with astonishing molecular detail. However these technologies are generally limited to slow-moving or fixed samples. Faster technologies tend to provide limited resolution improvement. At 15fps, Nikon’s new high-speed N-SIM S system enables true live-cell imaging with 2x resolution improvement,” said Steve Ross, Ph.D., General Manager, Products and Marketing, Nikon Instruments Inc.

The N-SIM S Super Resolution Microscope provides high-speed image acquisition and enables nanoscale imaging of live cells and dynamic events. The N-SIM S combines the power of imaging with a user-friendly workflow, making it a true innovation in live-cell imaging technology.

Main Features

1. High-speed imaging at approximately 0.067 seconds/frame Nikon has developed a high-speed structured illumination system to enable imaging at rates of 15 fps (ten times faster than conventional models (1.6 fps)), or ~0.067 seconds acquisition time per super-resolution image.

2. Streamlined workflow and user interface The N-SIM S streamlines workflows and improves operating efficiency by automatically switching between observation methods and optimizing acquisition parameters, so users can focus on their research. N-SIM S is powered by the industry-leading imaging software NIS-Elements, providing powerful tools for creating custom workflows, analysis, visualization and data sharing.

3. Ultra-stable platform for live-cell super-resolution imaging The N-SIM S takes advantage of the ultra-stable ECLIPSE Ti2-E Inverted Research Microscope platform designed for super-resolution imaging. The N-SIM S represents the next step in live-cell imaging by combining stability designed for super-resolution imaging and Nikon’s fourth generation auto-focusing system – the Perfect Focus System (PFS).

4. Flexible system configuration and expandability N-SIM S can easily be combined with various imaging modalities including N-STORM Super Resolution, which provides single molecule level resolution, confocal (e.g. A1+ Confocal series), and standard wide-field observation.

N-SIM S is compatible with a broad range of objectives, providing a robust system for imaging a wide variety of specimens. N-SIM S is powered by NIS-Elements, Nikon’s universal image acquisition and analysis software with advanced tools for designing custom acquisition and analysis flows, as well as powerful data visualization and presentation tools. Learn more at https://www.nikoninstruments.com/Products/Super-resolution/N-SIM-S-Super-Resolution

About Nikon Instruments Inc. Nikon Instruments Inc. is a world leader in the development and manufacture of optical and digital imaging technology for biomedical applications. Cutting-edge instruments include microscopes, digital imaging products and software. Nikon Instruments is one of the microscopy and digital imaging arms of Nikon Inc., the world leader in digital imaging, precision optics and photo imaging technology. For more information, visit www.nikoninstruments.com. Product-related inquiries may be directed to Nikon Instruments at 800-52-NIKON.

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