Ronna McDaniel rips uncle Mitt Romney for feeding media ‘frenzy,’ urges him to get on Trump train

January 3, 2019

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel on Thursday urged her uncle, Sen.-elect Mitt Romney, and like-minded Republicans to unite in support of President Trump and dedicate their energy to attacking Democrats.

Ms. McDaniel appeared on “Fox Friends” two days after Mr. Romney penned a blistering op-ed in The WashingtonPost, saying Mr. Trump’s conduct in office and recent actions in world affairs had “defined his presidency down.”

Ms. McDaniel, who rebuked her uncle’s op-ed as “disappointing and unproductive” in a tweet Wednesday, said infighting within the Republican Party is exactly “what Democrats want.”

“I think any time Republicans are critical of this president, it becomes a media feeding frenzy. They love the anti-Trump narrative within our own party,” she said on Fox.

Ms. McDaniel said Republican voters want the party to stick together and support Mr. Trump, and that her uncle’s time would be better spent by attacking the likes of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer.

“I love my uncle. My tweet yesterday had nothing to do with family,” she said. “I would have done this to any freshman incoming senator, and I would have said ‘Hey, let’s focus on the real issues here, which are the Democrats who are proposing dangerous policies for our country. And let’s remind Americans about the good things that have come out of the Trump administration.’

“I’m going to say to anybody in our party our voters want you to support our president,” she continued. “Take your bully pulpit, take your media savvy and your leadership and attack the Democrats, because they’re the ones that our party wants to see you take on.”

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