Tim Benz: What Steelers’ Le’Veon Bell has and doesn’t have to lose by skipping part of season

September 25, 2018

Steelers linebacker James Harrison is dispensing some wisdom to his former teammate Steelers teammate Le’Veon Bell about what he should do in his last season in Pittsburgh.

Because clearly, the best guy to hand out advice about leaving your place of employment is that guy.

Off the record, I can only assume Harrison told Bell to fall asleep during meetings and treat the younger running backs like dirt.

On the record, this is what he said on FS1.

“He has a whole mess of money to lose versus what he is going to lose per week,” Harrison said on “Speak for Yourself.” “If I’m in Le’Veon’s shoes, I come back with enough time to get my credited season. And then I move on. Unless he has a huge insurance policy.

“There’s no way I go into that, knowing what I would lose.”

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