100 Years Ago - Scrantonians Celebrate With News Of Possible Peace In Europe

November 7, 2018

100 Years Ago - Scrantonians Celebrate With News Of Possible Peace In Europe

Nov. 7, 1918

Scranton wild with news of peace

Word of cablegrams from United Press reporters in Europe saying that Germany had signed the armistice and hostilities had ended spread quickly across the world.

After the release of the United Press cablegram, the U.S. State Department sent out messages saying the armistice had not been signed.

Despite conflicting reports on the armistice, Scrantonians celebrated.

Bells, whistles and horns could be heard throughout the city celebrating the possible end to the fighting. Factory and shop owners allowed workers to leave work and join the thousands in the streets celebrating the news with song and cheer.

Flu bans to be lifted

After a meeting between Dr. S.P. Longstreet, Scranton health director, Mayor Alex Connell and Dr. J.C. Reifsnyder, state Health Department official, it was decided to lift the bans imposed on residents of Lackawanna County due to the influenza epidemic.

The bans were to remain in place in Old Forge for at least one more week.

The bans were to be lifted Saturday, Nov. 9, at noon. Children and teachers in Scranton were to return to the classrooms Monday, Nov. 11. With news of bans being lifted, theater and saloon owners throughout the city began making preparations to reopen Saturday afternoon.

The decision was made to lift the ban because conditions in Scranton seemed to be improving.

The Health Department reported that in the previous 24 hours, there had been only 14 new influenza cases reported and five deaths.

Longstreet and Reifsnyder said people should still be on guard for the flu despite the lifting of the ban. People who were sick were urged to stay away from crowds, churches and places of amusement.


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