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Chile compensates assassinated general’s daughters

December 24, 2014

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — Chile is paying nearly $1 million in compensation to the daughters of a former army chief and his wife who were assassinated in a 1974 car bombing.

The couple had fled to Argentina after Gen. Augusto Pinochet took power in a 1973 military coup.

Gen. Carlos Prat was a leading critic of Pinochet and the dictator’s biggest enemy in exile. But he was assassinated by Pinochet agents in Buenos Aires along with his wife, Sofia Cuthbert.

Local news media reported Wednesday that Chile’s Defense Council of the State approved the 600 million pesos (nearly $1 million) compensation. The payment must now be approved by the Finance Ministry and Prat’s family.

The government estimates 3,095 were killed during Pinochet’s bloody dictatorship, including about 1,200 who disappeared forcibly at the hands of the military.

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