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Widow Says Insurance Wouldn’t Cover Treatment After Husband’s Slaying

March 4, 1989

ELLINGTON, Conn. (AP) _ A woman whose husband was slain at the convenience store where he worked said the company’s insurer refused to pay the $138 hospital bill she incurred for treatment of shock after the killing.

Georgianna Lee’s insurance claim was returned unpaid last week by the Lewer Agency Inc., of Kansas City, Mo., the company most 7-Eleven stores use to provide health and life insurance for their employees.

Mrs. Lee’s husband, Frederick Lee Jr., was shot to death Jan. 14 at a 7- Eleven store in nearby Vernon where he was night manager. Mrs. Lee of Ellington, north of Hartford, was treated for shock in the emergency room at Rockville General Hospital after his killing.

The Lewer Agency said it was denying payment of the charges because the ″policy does not cover treatment of nervous and mental conditions.″

Mrs. Lee, who was covered under her husband’s policy, said she was first dumbfounded then angry.

″Under the circumstances I expected without any question at all that this hospital bill would have been paid,″ she said Wednesday. ″It’s not the money. It’s the principle of how a company could do this to me. You give your life for your job and this is how you’re treated in return.″

A 23-year-old man was been charged as an accessory in Lee’s killing. Officials have not determined a motive in the slaying.

Phil Oftedahl, human resources manager for Southland Corp.’s New England office in Middletown, said he has contacted the Lewer Agency about the unpaid hospital bill and is waiting for a response. He also said Southland only recommends the Lewer Agency to its 7-Eleven franchise owners.

Mike Dlugolecki, a spokesman for the Lewer Agency, declined to comment.

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