New Prairie construction moves forward

September 27, 2018

NEW CARLISLE — New Prairie’s many construction projects may be completed sooner than anticipated. New details about the numerous projects came to light during the New Prairie School Board meeting on Monday night.

The construction team broke ground on the NPUSC in May of last year. The build time for the high school renovations was originally projected to last all the way into late 2019. The team hopes to meet drastically better deadlines that will better please the students and staff.

The construction for the school’s new auditorium was originally scheduled to take place in two phases. Tim Short, the project manager for the commissioned construction company, Performance Services Inc., said he thinks the company will be able to do it in only one phase.

In order to meet this deadline, the school must relocate their two annual spring concerts, given by the high school and middle school band and choir. A new location has not been solidified as of Monday’s meeting.

The construction team has already started pouring floors for the new auditorium. Performance Services have completed pouring the back portion of the auditorium and have started on excavation for a new orchestra pit.

“If things (go) according to plan, it gets the building back to a state of completion and gets the learning environment back to normal, sooner than originally planned,” said New Prarie Superintendent Dr. Paul White.

Performance Services Inc. hope to be able to able to finish the pool area before the start of the season. The team also hopes to finish work on the science and social studies corridors, as well as paint the maintenance area underneath.

In addition to these renovations, the team has been making major strides on two major classroom unit rebuilds. The first unit, containing eight science classrooms, is well underway.

“At this point the demolition process is pretty much complete,” said Short.

The same can be said for the classroom in unit D, located near the north anterior courtyard. This corridor contains five social studies classrooms. Right now, the team is working to finish hanging drywall in the unit.

Overall, the build is ahead of schedule.

“We’ll hopefully be mostly out of the building by Christmas, or shortly after Christmas,” Short said.

Construction is scheduled to begin again in April. The team plans on beginning demolition on the existed band and choir classrooms. Their hope is to get that started early, in order to get it completed by the end of summer.

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