Hansen man arrested for burglarizing parents’ home

January 4, 2019

HANSEN — A Hansen man was arrested on counts of grand theft and burglary after he told law enforcement he helped take guns out of his family’s home.

Kaden Child, 24, is charged with five counts of grand theft and one count of burglary. Child admitted to the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office that he helped two other people in going to his parents’ house and stealing several firearms, among other things.

A family member told police that Child lives at the home on Rock Creek Road “sometimes,” but often stays with friends for days at a time.

According to court documents, on the evening of Dec. 28, Child’s family members left the home to go out to dinner in Twin Falls, and when they returned they found the door open and several items taken from the home. Child had reportedly told them he couldn’t go with them to the restaurant because he didn’t have the money.

A corporal with the sheriff’s office investigated the home and found the scene to be much different than other burglaries he had seen. The burglars appeared to have ransacked the home, turning over drawers and dumping contents on the floor. But they mainly took firearms, leaving behind snow skiing and snowboarding equipment, new camping equipment, a hover board, motocross boots, jewelry and laptops. Many of those items were in plain view, law enforcement said.

Child’s parents called police back to the home later that night to question Child after family members discovered a stolen coat in his car. He eventually told the corporal, “I had no choice but to help them, they held a gun to me. They made me do it.”

Child refused to provide any names, but said a Hispanic male and a white female were with him. He later said he “thought” they had a gun, and he was riding with them in his car after smoking marijuana and drinking beer at a residence in Twin Falls.

As Child was being arrested at the home, family members hugged him and told them they loved him, the report said.

He was jailed on a $75,000 bond. A preliminary hearing is slated for Jan. 11.

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