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Police Believe Man Demonstrated PCP Cooking on Network TV

February 12, 1988

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) _ Police say they believe they have arrested the man who was shown ″cooking″ the hallucinogenic drug PCP on a network television news program.

Michael Wilson Davis, 30, of College Park, was arrested Thursday as he allegedly arranged with an undercover police officer to buy chemicals needed to manufacture PCP, or phencyclidine hydrochloride, said Officer V. Richard Molloy, a police spokesman.

Police allege Davis is a major East Coast manufacturer of the drug, which has been associated with violence in users.

Police believe Davis was the man who appeared on CBS-TV’s ″West 57th″ program in a report on the dangers of PCP. The shadowed figure was shown in the background ″cooking″ PCP.

Police said they recently obtained a tape of the program, which CBS said was broadcast in September 1985.

Malloy said the man on the program showed no remorse when asked if he felt bad about making the drug.

According to CBS spokesman Roy Brunett, the ″West 57th″ segment shows an unidentified man telling an interviewer, ″I figured if they wanted to buy it, they wanted to buy it, and they knew what the reactions were.″

Davis and Edward Charles Centerfeit, 31, of Shadyside, were both charged with conspiracy to manufacture PCP, police said.,

Davis also was charged with possessing a .25-caliber automatic handgun, police said.

Both men were held pending a bail hearing.

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