Area Wrestlers Named To D2 All-Academic Team

April 5, 2019

While only a select few wrestlers are rewarded at the end of the season for their work on the mat, plenty more were recently recognized for their dedication away from it. The District 2 Wrestling Coaches’ Association announced its latest All-Academic Wrestling Team, and it included 70 wrestlers across the Wyoming Valley Conference and Lackawanna League. Wrestlers who finished the season with at least a .500 record and a 3.00 GPA received All-Academic status. They were divided between a First Team with a 3.75-plus GPA (23 wrestlers), a Second Team with a GPA between 3.50-3.74 (17 wrestlers) and an Honorable Mention list with a GPA between 3.00-3.49 (30 wrestlers). Six WVC wrestlers were named to the First Team: Crestwood sophomore Trey Zabroski, Dallas senior Steven Newell, Hanover Area junior Joe Rowley, Valley West junior Cadden Kucek and Wyoming Area seniors Jaryn Polit-Moran and Robin Wrobleski. The All-Academic recipients will be honored at the Coaches’ Association’s annual banquet, scheduled for 5 p.m. May 5 at Leggio’s Restaurant in Dallas. All-Academic wrestlers from the WVC included the following: First Team Crestwood: Trey Zabroski, sophomore (4.00 GPA) Dallas: Steven Newell, senior (4.00 GPA) Hanover Area: Joe Rowley, junior (4.00 GPA) Valley West: Cadden Kucek, junior (3.90 GPA) Wyoming Area: Jaryn Polit-Moran, senior (4.00 GPA); Robin Wrobleski, senior (3.80 GPA) Second Team Dallas: John Betzko, senior (3.70 GPA); Thad Mead, sophomore (3.70 GPA); Nick Solinsky, senior (3.70 GPA) Lake-Lehman: Zach Stuart, sophomore (3.70 GPA) Valley West: J.J. White, junior (3.70 GPA); Zander Remakus, freshman (3.60 GPA) Honorable Mention Berwick: Nick Yule, junior (3.20 GPA) Crestwood: Garrett Swank, junior (3.30 GPA), Chandler O’Farrell, sophomore (3.20 GPA) Dallas: Taylor Bolesta, junior (3.30 GPA); Liam Farrell, senior (3.00 GPA); Shawn Henninger, senior (3.00 GPA) Lake-Lehman: T.J. Meehan, senior (3.30 GPA); Jake Trumbower, sophomore (3.30 GPA); Mason Konigus, freshman (3.10 GPA); Bob Long, senior (3.00 GPA) Meyers: Kristofer Fonseca, freshman (3.40 GPA); Jackoy Gayle, freshman (3.40 GPA) Valley West: Ian Ratchford, freshman (3.40 GPA); Dave White, senior (3.10 GPA)