Joyce Bunch: Wrong standards

October 4, 2018

Editor: With disregard for and disrespect of a sitting court judge, the Democrats have called Brett Kavanaugh evil, dangerous, and one senator said “we will use everything and anything to stop your confirmation.” All this because the Democrats know Judge Kavanaugh will follow the rule of law and the Democrats want judges who will create laws, ignore the Constitution and favor far left progressive thinking.

They become hysterical about this. Women who have truly been assaulted deserve our empathy and understanding. Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser said the worst thing was being laughed at? She was bullied not raped. Dr. Ford says she did not step forward for personal gain and her attorneys are serving pro-bono. If that is a credible statement, I will be excitedly waiting to hear which charity will benefit with the $750K+ GoFundMe account she has so far received. Unlike gangs who destroy with drugs and machetes, the Democrats destroy with character assassination, threats, fear, false witness, and “anything we can to stop you.” Is this a “gang” you want to belong to?? As for me I find it disgraceful and dangerous and will support another new movement, “HE TOO.”

Joyce Bunch


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