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Sister: Dole Didn’t Know the Girls Liked Him

August 13, 1996

SAN DIEGO (AP) _ Bob Dole was too shy to know the girls liked him when he was young and tended to be the one warning other kids they’d get in trouble for misbehaving.

Those were among the insights offered up by Dole family members in an appearance Monday on CNN’s Larry King Live.

``I think probably (he is) the most serious of all of us,″ said Gloria Nelson of Russell, Kan., Dole’s older sister. ``Bob was always, `You better not do that, you’ll get in trouble.‴

Nelson added that Dole may have been more popular than he knew.

``The girls all liked him when he was younger and he didn’t realize it,″ she said.

Dole’s younger sister, Norma Kean Steele, said her brother was ``very caring always.″ If Dole wins the presidency, she said, Russell is ``ready, willing and able″ to become a tourist town.

Dole’s daughter, Robin, talked about her relationship with stepmother Elizabeth Dole. The presumptive Republican nominee remarried after his first marriage ended in divorce.

``When I met Elizabeth for the first time, I knew she cared about dad, and that’s all I cared about,″ Dole’s daughter said. ``She always wanted to be close to me but she respected my mother and never wanted to take her place.″

Robin Dole said her father has the energy and ``inner strength″ to run for president. She said she neither sought nor played a role in decision-making within the Dole campaign.

As for the Dole family, it’s growing, the younger Dole said. The latest addition is Jack Kemp, Dole’s running mate.

``He’s already part of the family,″ she said.

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