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Woman Dies From Burns Inflicted by Estranged Husband

June 1, 1993

NIAGARA FALLS, Ontario (AP) _ A man forced his family into a van, doused everyone with gasoline, then tossed a cigarette lighter at his wife as neighbors tried to rescue her. The man and woman died from the fire, but their two children escaped unharmed.

Douglas Korzan, 36, fought with his estranged wife, Kelly, Sunday night. He then forced her, their 6-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter out of the house and into a van parked in the driveway.

Korzan doused them all with gas and threatened to set them all on fire.

Neighbors heard Mrs. Korzan’s screams and rescued her children from the van, said Craig Garner, a neighbor. They pulled Mrs. Korzan out, ″but he flicked the lighter, threw the lighter at her, and she caught on fire,″ Garner said.

The van also ignited and exploded, killing Korzan, who was still inside.

Mrs. Korzan, 34, died Monday from burns covering 90 percent of her body. Some neighbors also suffered minor burns, police said.

The Korzans were married for 12 years, but neighbors said they had separated in February and Korzan had moved out of the house.

Korzan was an engineer and brakeman with the Canadian National Railway.

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