CHICAGO (AP) _ A man accused of killing Michael Jordan's father and dumping his body in a South Carolina swamp says he was wrongly fingered because he's black and predicts he'll be vindicated at trial.

Daniel Andre Green said a boyhood friend who plans to testify against him after pleading guilty to the slaying will perjure himself on the witness stand.

``I know I'm going home,'' Green told the Chicago Sun-Times from his jail cell in North Carolina.

``No way I can see me being convicted of this murder _ not because I'm stupidly optimistic, but because they don't have a case,'' Green said in an interview published in Monday's editions.

Green, 21, admits stealing James Jordan's car and jewelry but denies killing him. He said his lawyers will argue that Jordan's body was gone before he and Larry Martin Demery found the car.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Green, who was charged along with Demery with the July 1993 killing of James Jordan as he slept in his car along a road near Lumberton, N.C.

Demery pleaded guilty to murder in May and is scheduled to testify against Green when Green's trial begins next month.

Prosecutors say Green had a NBA championship ring with Michael Jordan's name on it, and they connected Green with calls made on James Jordan's cellular phone shortly after the killing.

But prosecutors failed to link a gun found at Green's home to the slaying, and there are no eyewitnesses besides Demery.

``Larry will be up there lying,'' Green told the Sun-Times.

``They focused on me because I am black,'' said Green, who has converted to Islam and legally changed his name to Lord Dannayaal As-Saddiq Al-Amin Salaam U'allah since his arrest. ``They don't have enough evidence to connect me to the murder, only that I was in possession of some things, like the ring. I made calls on the cellular phone. But I know better than to kill a man and drive around in his damn car.''

Police say Jordan was asleep in the unlocked car when he was killed by a single shot to the chest.

His body was found Aug. 3 floating in a swamp. Green and Demery were arrested 12 days later.