Richard Grommes: Political misrepresentation

December 24, 2018


Are Kansas elected government officials setting a new trend or are they just deceiving their electorate? Seems some of the government seats in Kansas where filled by Republican, Democrat, Independent or whatever party the electorate voted for. Now some of these honorable swamp dwellers are changing their affiliation to a party they were not elected to. Can you smell the stench yet? This happen in more states than one can think. Political liberal socialist (Marxist) are infiltrating political parties to ones they have nothing they believe in. None of these parasites had any intention of promoting the intentions of the party they ran under to get elected. Most were elected as the Republican representative because of the Make America Great Again wave that swept the country in 2016 inin the hope of changing the country to one that more suits their Marxist ideas. There may be a solution to these kind of unethical schemes.

Let us say that the majority of the American populous voted along straight lines because they could not, in good faith, vote for as party they determined would bring down this great nation. If a voter chooses a candidate based on that premise, that candidate is elected to that seat as the party’s representative to that position. When an elected representative of a party jumps to another party, that government seat or position is vacated as voted by the electorate and thus we, the voters, should call for another election to replace the spineless swap creature that vacated that position.

If representative of party “A” vacates that seat and jumps to party “B”, does that not void the majority of the voters votes that got them elected? Class action suits to those who deceive them.

Keep America Great.

Richard Grommes

Lake Havasu City

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