The Nebraska Safety Center celebrates its 40th anniversary

July 15, 2018

KEARNEY - One of the state’s leading providers of safety celebrates 40 years of operation. Headquartered at the University of Nebraska Kearney, The Nebraska Safety Center was created by the legislature in 1978 to serve as a hub for safety training and education in the state. Originally placed at what was then known as Kearney State College, Director Mick Anderson with the center says the organization has only grown in importance due to its close partnership with the state.

“We have a contract with the Department of Education,” Says Anderson, “For Schoolbuse(s) everybody will go through our driver training program.”

The center also trains all public transit drivers for the state, says Anderson. Tthe center provides training for man than 2000 Nebraskans every year. Topics can range from driver’s education to industry services.

Anderson says, part of what makes the center one of the leaders in the state for safety training is its innovative practices.

“Out in Kearney on the college grounds there we have a driving facility,” Says Anderson. “We have a mock interstate, we have inner-city streets, and we have opportunities to have hands on driving.”

In addition to various tracks, Anderson says the center also possesses an ATV crash simulator and the ability to simulate drunk driving via remote control. Andersons says the center is always looking at new techniques for teaching students.

Anderson says what worked in training 20 years ago, won’t work as effectively today. Anderson says it is critical to the center’s future to keep trying to innovate in the way it trains Nebraskans.

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