City staff to close road for communication tower work

August 4, 2018

NORFOLK - Construction of a new communications tower is set to begin Monday with the relocation of the telecommunications building located beside the water tower.

Risk Manager Lyle Lutt says Prospect Avenue from 25th to Williams Street will close, to make way for a crane to be used for the process.

Lutt says the building will just be moved across the street to the site of the new tower.

“A lot of people don’t know, but our current water tower has a lot of communication equipment on it right now. All of our police, fire, public works, public safety, everything that we use for City staff for radio communication is on there as well as some private entities” Lutt said.

“Part of our radio system is going obsolete so we’re going to put up a large tower on the west side of 25th Street that’ll be 190 feet tall” Lutt added.

He says access through the closure area will only be permitted for residents.

Work on the tower itself is anticipated to begin the week of August 13th.

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