Family opens boba shop in Rexburg

May 1, 2019

There’s a new boba shop in Rexburg called Boba Luv, owned by a local family.

The shop is located at 250 W. Main St., just across the train tracks, and is owned by a Mao Xiong and her husband, Tousue Xiong.

Mao Xiong said that she thought it would be a fun idea to open a boba shop especially with so many students and international families in town.

When Xiong started her college career in Rexburg, she couldn’t find anywhere in town that sold boba tea, and because she graduated last semester, she decided to change that. She said one main reason for starting a business was for her children: two girls and one boy.

“My kids, they’re born and raised here, so I don’t want them to miss out on their life,” Xiong said. “I grew up eating and drinking boba all the time, and that’s something I want for my kids.”

She said boba is a small tapioca ball, sometimes called pearls, made from glutinous flour like tapioca starch.

“It’s really soft and chewy and shiny,” Xiong said. “It goes in your drink, so while you’re drinking your smoothie or slush or milk tea, you slurp up bobas, too, so you eat, drink and chew at the same time.”

Xiong encourages those new to boba to give a try; she guarantees they’ll love it.