2nd man charged over theft of safe

December 5, 2018

Everyone in the circle of friends seemed to know there was money in the safe hidden in a bedroom. Word was it had come from a senile old woman, possibly stolen, according to court documents.

So when the parents of the young adults went out of town, Enigha McCoun, their daughter’s boyfriend, Zachary Marbach, and three friends cooked up a plan to steal the safe. The girl’s brothers, however, weren’t aware of the plan and about 2 a.m. May 28, one of them found two men in their parents’ bedroom, police said. One with a bandanna on his face was easily recognizable as Marbach, one of the brothers told investigators.

“Oh (expletive),” Marbach said when he saw his girlfriend’s brother. Both men pointed guns at the brother and told him “stay calm and don’t do anything stupid,” court records said.

Marbach said McCoun was watching the bedroom door as Marbach tried to crack the safe but couldn’t get it open. Marbach said they picked up the safe and threw it out the window after one of the brothers surprised them. 

While this drama was unfolding, three accomplices were outside with guns at the lookout, documents said.

McCoun escaped from the home out the window and took the safe. Marbach said there were some old coins in the safe that didn’t appear to be worth all that much, but he’d heard McCoun got between 6,000 for them, court records said.

Much of the story was related to Fort Wayne police in November when Marbach spoke to police accompanied by his attorney, Anthony Churchward, court documents said.

McCoun, 21, of the 3300 block of Chestnut Street, was charged Monday with burglary with a deadly weapon, armed robbery and pointing a firearm at another person. Prosecutors filed the same charges in June against Marbach, and he pleaded guilty in October. A sentencing hearing is scheduled Dec. 14. There is a warrant for McCoun’s arrest.


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