SRS security contractor locks in $2.9M award, ‘excellent’ rating

December 20, 2018

Centerra-SRS, the Savannah River Site security contractor, has again performed excellently, according to a new U.S. Department of Energy evaluation.

Centerra-SRS performed to 94 percent marked success in the April 1 through Sept. 30 contract period, according to the evaluation.

The contractor – an offshoot of Centerra Group – secured a $2.97 million award fee for its grade-A contract execution. A total $3.1 million was available.

The SRS security contractor is tasked with responding to emergencies at and around SRS as well as guarding the site itself, its personnel, its nuclear material, its sensitive information and more. Centerra-SRS has, under one name or another, done so for 35 years.

“The Centerra-SRS achievements and accomplishments during this performance rating period demonstrate overall excellent practices in protection of SRS national security interests and resources,” SRS Manager Michael Budney said in a prepared statement. Budney is also a fee determination official.

During this latest contract period, Centerra-SRS acted effectively and with competence, according to the DOE’s scorecard. Employees logged 319 days and more than 1.25 million hours without a lost workday injury, according to an evaluation-related press release.

Deficiencies noted in the scorecard include inattentiveness to duty, minor vehicle accidents and equipment turn-in.

Centerra-SRS’s ninth contract year was divided into two even evaluation periods: October 2017 through March 2018 and April through September.

Centerra-SRS executed the security contract to 94.75 percent marked success in the former period, earning a nearly $3 million award fee.

The contractor’s 10-year deal expires early October 2019. A Centerra-SRS spokesperson earlier this month said the paramilitary agency “absolutely” intends to bid for the next site security contract.

“We look forward to preparing a comprehensive proposal that outlines our unequaled qualifications to continue providing security services at SRS,” the spokesperson said.

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