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Another Body Part Found in Ohio River

September 17, 1988

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (AP) _ A sixth human body part has been found in the Ohio River, and medical examiners say it appears the victim, a young woman, was shot before her body was cut into segments with a power saw.

The latest grisly discovery, made late Thursday, came near East Liverpool where four other parts have been discovered, said Tracy Dulaney, a spokeswoman for the Hancock County, W.Va., Sheriff’s department, which is handling the investigation.

Hancock County Coroner Dr. Reynaldo Vista identified the latest part as a right hip. He said Friday he believes a puncture on the left side of the torso was caused by a small-caliber bullet.

On Wednesday, barge workers found a fifth part, the victim’s right arm, wedged between two coal barges when they stopped near Kenova, W.Va. The limb could have been picked up by the barge as far upstream as Pittsburgh, said West Virginia Medical Examiner Irwin Sopher.

The gruesome search began Sunday, when a fisherman between Chester, W.Va., and East Liverpool snagged his hook on a garbage bag, reeled it in and found a left human arm inside.

The next day, Hancock County officials searching the river downstream from where West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvana borders meet found more bags containing a thigh, part of a torso and a section of buttocks.

The parts appear to have been severed with a type of power saw, and had been in the water up to 10 or 12 days, Sopher said.

The victim was a short, white woman in her early 20s, he said. Authorities are matching her with the descriptions of about five women reported missing recently from Pennsylvania and Ohio.

″The main focus now is getting an ID on the body,″ Sopher said.

Medical authorities earlier this week said they would attempt to make an identification through the FBI from fingerprints of a left hand.

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