A letter from the president regarding immigration

January 6, 2019

Recently, I had the chance to go through some of my mother’s papers. I found that she wrote to our president expressing her concerns about illegal immigration. She received a reply from the president. Part of that letter states:

“Thank you for your letter.

While we must maintain our commitment to generous and humane immigration and refugee policies, we cannot admit all who want to enter the United States. Under the economic and job market pressures we face today, we cannot afford to lose control of our borders or take on new financial burdens, nor can we allow our people to be endangered by those who would enter our country to terrorize Americans. Therefore, we must ensure adequate enforcement of U.S. immigration laws, including provisions designed to discourage unauthorized entry. I have already taken concrete steps to stem the flow of illegal immigration.”

While I’m sure the president did not actually sign the letter, I’m also sure that it expressed the administration’s policy.

Oh, did I mention that the letter she received is dated Aug. 6, 1993, and was from President Bill Clinton?

Steve Erwin, Plainview

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