SemDM: A Fun Way To Help The Janet Weis Children’s Hospital

February 13, 2019
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SemDM: A Fun Way To Help The Janet Weis Children’s Hospital

On March 30, just three short weeks after spring break, Wyoming Seminary will hold its eighth annual dance marathon, SemDM, to raise money for the Miracle Network and Janet Weis Children’s Hospital in Danville. The main idea of the six-hour event, usually attended by 250-300 students, is to have fun and stay active the whole time. Student committees have been working very hard to plan fun activities for the event, such as face painting, games and new dances; getting the school community excited (while also raising money) before the event by holding in-school fundraisers; and exploring some new ideas, such as involving the students of Sem’s Lower School. Three or four “miracle kids” who have been patients at the Janet Weis Children’s Hospital are also expected to attend. Seeing the miracle kids and having fun with them is what some students say is their favorite part of the entire event. “It’s unusual because not a lot of high schools are doing this kind of event right now,” said senior Molly Leahy, one of the marathon’s coordinators. “The event brings many different groups together. Everyone gets involved.” SemDM is one of the biggest school events of the year. All students can create an online account that they can share with friends and family to donate money online. If you would like to donate, you may email Sem Director of Student Life Harry Shafer at hshafer@wyomingseminary.org, or you can donate through a student’s account online. Last year, SemDM raised more than $31,000, all of which was donated to the Janet Weis Children’s Hospital. Last year’s total set a new record and everyone is hoping to raise even more this year. Happenings in the Sem community The Wyoming Seminary Players just finished presenting the annual “Winter Acting Workshops,” in which many students perform in a wide variety of short scenes. It is a great way for someone who has never acted to get out of their comfort zone a little bit, in a scene that could be just a few minutes long. Everyone involved has so much fun, as well as the students, friends and family members who watch them perform. On Jan. 12, the International Club presented its annual International Dinner, open to the Sem community. Club members who live in as many as 20 different countries prepared meals that originate in their home countries. This annual dinner is one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the school year. In January, the Sem community also took part in the second annual “Dude, Be Nice” week. Sales of event T-shirts benefited the St. Joseph’s Center. The event reminds students what it means to be part of the Sem community and how to think of others by holding doors for people or keeping the dining hall clean. Students could nominate a student, faculty member, or a staff member who best represented the message of the week. One student in each class, a class dean/teacher and a security officer were recognized in assembly for their ongoing kindness to others. Kyleigh O’Hara is a student at Wyoming Seminary. Student columns are published Wednesdays during the school year.

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