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AMC Recalling 20,000 Jeep Vehicles for Fuel Injection System Check

April 3, 1987

DETROIT (AP) _ American Motors Corp. said today it is recalling about 20,000 Jeep vehicles, including 14,500 still on dealer lots, for a possible fuel injection system fault that may prevent a return to idle after acceleration.

AMC believes only about 5,000 vehicles could be affected by the problem, discovered during factory quality-control checks, said spokesman Ben Dunn.

Those vehicles were built between Jan. 15 and March 3. AMC will check the vehicles to determine whether air control valves in the fuel injection system are malfunctioning, but no such occurrences have been reported by customers or dealers, Dunn said.

The fault, which would prevent the engine from returning to idle after the accelerator pedal is pressed, cannot cause sudden acceleration from idle, Dunn said.

″There are no surges associated wth this condition at all. (The engine) could stay at a certain throttle position but it would not advance beyond that,″ he said.

The Jeep models involved in the recall include Cherokee, Wagoneer and Comanche vehicles with 4.0-liter, 6-cylinder engines.

If the engine of one of the affected Jeep models continues to race after the accelerator is released, Dunn said, ″You should put the transmission to neutral, shut off the engine and then bring the vehicle to a stop.″

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