Kate Beckinsale’s Christmas tribute to Queen

December 24, 2018

Kate Beckinsale has made Freddie Mercury the star on the top of her Christmas tree.

The ‘Underworld’ star paid homage to the late Queen singer by placing a small cardboard cut out of him at the top of her tree whilst his track ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ played in the background.

Alongside three yellow heart emojis, she captioned the video on Instagram: “Hey hey hey (sic)”

Meanwhile, Kate previously opened up about how she feels torn between having more children and “getting annihilated”.

The 45-year-old actress - who already has a 19-year-old daughter called Lily with fellow Hollywood star Michael Sheen - said: “I definitely would [have another child], but then I think ‘Oh God, I annihilated my twenties and I suddenly get a taste of freedom and annihilate myself again?’ But I am open to seeing what happens.”

Kate feels she has an “intense” relationship with her daughter.

She explained: “I’m my mother’s only child and Lily is my only child. It’s an intense relationship to have, especially if you’re a single parent. Then it’s very important that the child has her own personality and her own life. That’s hard for the parent but it’s also important. On the other hand, I text my mother 18 times a day.”

And Kate feels “very sorry” that her daughter has flown the nest.

She shared: “It means I’ve got an open landscape for the first time since I became a mother. Lily is a great, bright, intelligent, interesting, feisty girl. I’ll be very sorry for her not to be always in my house but hopefully she’ll come back to visit.”

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