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November 19, 1987

ASBURY PARK, N.J. (AP) _ Bruce Springsteen fans gathered Thursday outside a dilapidated arcade where the blue-collar rocker worked on a new music video.

Garrett Giberson, deputy director of public maintenance for the city, said Springsteen’s crew began shooting film Wednesday and would work through Thursday night.

City Manager Samuel Addeo said Propaganda Films of California obtaine permission through the city’s beach department and his office to film the video at the arcade, which was sealed off to avoid publicity.

Springsteen was believed to be doing a video for his latest album, ″Tunnel of Love.″

Springsteen’s video coincides with the filming of the movie ″Home Boy″ starring Mickey Rourke, whose locations include a nearby amusement park set.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Record merchandiser Jack Eugster has been elected chairman of the board of the Country Music Association, and singer Randy Owen of the group Alabama has been chosen a vice president.

Eugster, of Minneapolis, is president of The Musicland Group, one of the world’s largest merchandisers. Owen, of Fort Payne, Ala., is lead singer and guitarist for Alabama and has written many of its hit songs.

The Nashville-based association is the country music industry’s trade group.


NACOGDOCHES, Texas (AP) - Friday is Bob Hope Day, but it’s hopeless to hope he’ll be here.

Mayor Judy McDonald says it would be better described as ″No Hope Day.″

The comedian was to perform at Stephen F. Austin University on Friday, which prompted the City Council to declare the day in his honor.

But Hope’s promoter contacted school officials Wednesday to say that because of disappointing ticket sales, the performance would be canceled. The council, however, has no plans to meet and change its declaration.


TORONTO (AP) - The national alpine ski team welcomed Michael J. Fox to the family, establishing ties by looking forward to the future.

Fox, who was born in Vancouver and is the star of the television series ″Family Ties″ and such films as ″Back to the Future,″ has been named honorary captain as part of the team’s preparation for the 1988 Calgary Olympics.

Fox will appear on a fund-raising poster with Canadian skiers Rob Boyd, Brian Stemmle, and Karen Percy, the ski team announced.

″I may not be able to help the team ski faster, but I hope that the funds I help raise will allow the athletes to do their best possible at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics,″ Fox said in a statement.


MOJAVE, Calif. (AP) - Glenn Tremml, who set the distance record for human- powered flight, is training with a team of Olympic-class cyclists and a lighter plane for a Greek flight odyssey in homage to Daedalus.

Tremml, a medical student who set a record here in January by flying 37.2 miles over Edwards Air Force Base, is back for three months of training and testing in preparation for a 72-mile flight from the island of Crete to mainland Greece in March.

Tremml’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology team is staying at the same Mojave Airport hangar where the Voyager airplane was housed before its historic round-the-world flight without refueling last year.

The new $400,000 human-powered plane, the Daedalus, is 20 pounds lighter than the 92-pound Eagle, in which Tremml set his record, and its 112-foot wingspan is two feet shorter than the Eagle’s.

Its wings are shocking pink from a special high-density foam that gives a smoother surface than the material used for the earlier plane.

Daedalus, according to Greek myth, fabricated wings that he and his son Icarus used to escape from the Labyrinth on Crete.

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