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Three Palestinians Ordered Deported; 15 Detained Without Trial

August 29, 1985

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) _ Three Palestinians have been ordered out of the occupied West Bank and 15 others have been detained without trial as part of an anti-terrorism campaign, the military command announced today.

The expulsion orders came five days after an Israeli man was killed and another was wounded in separate West Bank attacks. At least 12 Israelis have been killed in similar attacks during the past year.

On Wednesday the first Palestinian out of the West Bank left voluntarily after his lawyers reached a compromise with the government to cancel his expulsion.

Khalil Ali Khalil abu-Ziad, a Palestinian accused of terrorism, left for three years of voluntary exile.

Legal sources said the authorities were forced to compromise with abu- Ziad’s lawyers because the case against him was weak.

On Aug. 4 the government revived emergency regulations enabling deportation and detention without trial to fight terrorism. Dozens of Palestinians already have been arrested under the emergency rules.

The detention and expulsion policies had been suspended by former Prime Minister Menachem Begin because of mounting international criticism.

The 15 Palestinians who were detained can be held for six months, and the orders can be renewed after that time.

The military command said today’s expulsion orders, signed by Maj. Gen. Amnon Shahak, the Israeli commander of the occupied West Bank, were issued because of alleged ″subversive political activity.″

The command identified the three ordered deported as Amin Ramzi Darwish Makhboul, from Nablus; Walid Ahmed Mahmoud Nazel from the village of Qabatiya; and Bhajad Mustapha Kassem al Bayada Jaiyoussi from the village of Jaiyus.

Makhboul was suspected of being a senior leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Fatah faction in the West Bank, Israel Army Radio reported.

He had been sentenced to 10 years in prison for two guerrilla attacks in the Nablus area, the radio said.

After his release in 1983, Makhboul raised funds for propaganda leaflets and to recruit activists at Al Najah University in Nablus where he studied, said the report.

Nazel served a one-year sentence for visiting the headquarters of the Soviet-oriented Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the Syrian capital of Damascus, the radio reported.

After his release he became a leading activist of the front in the West Bank, the radio said.

Jaiyoussi was active in the Iraqi-backed Struggle Front organization, serving a three-year sentence for planting explosives in an Israeli military vehicle, according to the radio.

After he was freed, Jaiyoussi continued his hostile activity, including stoning military vehicles, the report said.

The three can appeal their deportation before a military appeals panel. If their expulsion is upheld, they can petition the Supreme Court.

Palestianians who have been ordered expelled have almost always gone to Jordan.

The military command announced Wednesday that the navy intercepted a yacht and captured a group of Palestinian guerrillas who planned to join other guerrillas in southern Lebanon and infiltrate Israel.

The guerrillas, members of Yasser Arafat’s Fatah faction of the PLO, were stopped Saturday near the Lebanese port city of Sidon, the command said. It was unclear why news of the incident was delayed.

Two of the boat’s crew were citizens of Western countries, the announcment said without elaboration.

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