Katie Frazier: Jaclyn Hill brush set is quality for the price

September 20, 2018


If you have read any of my columns, you have probably heard the name “Jaclyn Hill” in quite a few of them.

Anything that has her name on it, is highly anticipated since the major success of her original Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette, and she has done it again.

She collaborated with Morphe, once again, and created her own brush collection. She also collaborated with Morphe last year and created her own “Favorites Collection” of brushes.

I, of course, purchased both of them and I have some thoughts. Was this collaboration really worth the splurge if you already invested into her Favorites Collection? Let’s discuss!

In her original “Favorites Collection” of brushes from Morphe, Jaclyn went through her collection of Morphe Brushes and sat aside her top favorite, ride or die brushes.

In her Favorites collection, you got 23 brushes that included 10 face brushes and 13 eyeshadow brushes for $155 ($139.50 with her code at checkout “JACATTACK”) and you also received the black HH- square snakeskin case that has changed my traveling makeup artist life. Now, for my opinion on this set... it was absolutely amazing. It was one of my favorite things that I have ever purchased from Morphe as a whole. Jaclyn Hill, as a previous makeup artist, knows what she is talking about when it comes to the makeup world, and I trust her thoroughly.

Not to mention, this collection was a STEAL. $139.50 (with her discount code) for 23 brushes comes to about $6 a brush and that’s not even including the life changing brush case that you got with it.. amazing right?

My only negatives about this entire collection was that there was no eyebrow brush and it was limited edition... or was it?

After many of us were so upset when we found out that Jaclyn Hill’s Favorites Brush Collection was limited edition, we demanded that Morphe bring it back. It was too good of a deal to let go of. Though, they never did bring it back, they had other brush favorite sets with other influencers such as Bretman Rock and Laura Lee, but none as amazing as Jaclyn’s (trust me, I bought them all). Good news though, we found out this year (August 2018) that she has been creating her own line of brushes with Morphe this entire time.

Not to be dramatic, but it was absolutely diabolical of her to keep this a secret for so long. But on a real note, as soon as I saw this collection, it looked extremely similar to her Favorites Set, and I wondered if I needed to purchase this one... I mean, I obviously did, because it’s Jaclyn Hill and she does no wrong. There was a couple brushes that I immediately didn’t recognize from her Favorites Collection, so that (and the pure beauty of them) sold me.

Getting my Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Master Brush Collection in the mail was super exciting. I don’t think I have ever ripped through the packaging as fast as I did for this purchase.

In this Master Collection, you get 24 brushes total, 9 of them being face brushes, and 15 being eye brushes and you also get the super life changing brush case only this time, the case is silver with glitter!

The brushes are also revamped from Morphe’s original look, with white handles with silver detailing, and “JH” engraved on each brush. They are absolutely gorgeous. The Master Collection retails for $165 ($148.50 with her discount code at checkout “JACATTACK”) which brings each brush to about $6.20 (with code) and you are getting the case, as well.

How do they perform? Outstanding, of course. I have used them for about a week and a half now and they blend my makeup to perfection. My only negative about this collection is, once again, no eyebrow brush. But, I guess it makes sense there isn’t one, because Jaclyn doesn’t use one.

Jaclyn also came out with two smaller sets of her Master Brushes. The Face Master Collection comes with 5 face brushes, a zip up bag to store them and retails for $58 ($52.20 with discount code at checkout) which brings each brush to about $10.44 each (with discount code).

There is also The Eye Master Collection that comes with 8 eye brushes, a zip up bag to store them and retails for $42 ($37.80 with discount code at checkout) which brings each brush to about $4.73 each (with discount code).

You can also purchase Jaclyn Hill’s new brushes individually.

Now, finally, do I think that you need this Master Collection if you already purchased the “Favorites” set? Probably not. But if there is one thing in the makeup world that I think you always need to invest in, its definitely brushes. Brushes are something that you are always going to need, and having a good set is crucial.

But, unless you are a makeup brush collector, a huge fan of Jaclyn Hill, or need multiple brush sets for clients and such, you really don’t need this set if you have already purchased the “Favorites Set.” Maybe if you need a few extra eyeshadow brushes, grab the master eye set, or vise versa with the face set.

Did you grab any of Jaclyn’s new brushes? Come over to my Facebook group, Vanity Insanity, and lets start up a conversation on her brushes and which ones were your favorites!

Katie Frazier is a freelance makeup artist from Genoa, W.Va. She operates a social media account for both her makeup looks “Katelynne Frazier MUA” and a group called “Vanity Insanity.”

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