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Casino Introduces Non-Smoking Floor

July 3, 2000

DETROIT (AP) _ Smoking and gambling have gone hand in hand, but the MotorCity Casino has found that some gamblers prefer to try their luck in a smoke-free environment.

The MotorCity casino, which opened last year, has set aside one of its four floors for non-smokers. The smoke-free third floor represents 10 percent of the total gambling space, and more than 10 percent of the patrons gamble there.

Jim Tourangeau, a 64-year-old retiree, is one of them.

``When I was a young person, I smoked cigars. I didn’t think I was terrible to be around,″ said Tourangeau. ``Now I don’t smoke. And I find that passive smoke is offensive to me.″

Other casinos offer sections of non-smoking tables and slot machine banks, but whole floors devoted to non-smokers are rare in the casino world.

In Las Vegas, an attempt at an entire non-smoking casino, the Silver City, failed miserably.

The MotorCity’s smoke-free floor is the first at any of the 15 casinos owned or operated by the Mandalay Resort Group. Mandalay spokesman John Marz said the company decided to test the conventional wisdom that ``if you gamble, you smoke.″

MotorCity executives recognize that market of non-smoking gamblers, ``And when you give them an entire floor, they appreciate it,″ he said.

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