Many business projects taking shape throughout Columbus

May 25, 2019

There is currently a lot of moving and shaking happening around town regarding business development and relocation.

Those driving in the downtown area or near Howard Boulevard have undoubtedly seen the colossal amount of work being completed at both the new Columbus fire and police stations.

The fire station, located just north of U.S. Highway 81 between 46th and 47th avenues, got off to a bit of a rocky construction start because of cold winter weather and delays associated with the March flooding. But, a window of clear weather has propelled the project forward leading into June.

“We are very happy to see the progress – the weather really held us up a bunch with the winter and rain,” Fire Chief Dan Miller said. “But regardless of that, they have continued making good progress.”

Miller said that the bones of the structure are now intact, which includes the spacious area which will house the aerials and ambulances, as well as the area that will serve as dormitories and office/training space.

Miller added that he and his team have weekly meetings with project manager B-D Construction, WSKF Architects and a few other select members from the City of Columbus. The chief noted that he swings out to the site at least a few times weekly to check on progress.

The facility is scheduled to be up and running sometime this year. After the shaky start, Miller said that he is pleased with the direction of the construction.

“We might be a couple of weeks behind, but hopefully we get a fair (weather) stretch and get caught up, we definitely aren’t terribly far behind,” he said.

Like the fire station, the new police station is making leaps and bounds toward its finish. Mayor Jim Bulkley recently was making his way downtown and was nearly caught by surprise with how much progress is happening.

“I came into downtown last week from St. Bons (church) from the east and I didn’t even realize the brick on the east side of the police station is all in,” Bulkley said. “The police station, specifically, is really moving at just a great pace and we are hoping for the late fall opening, and I see that happening.

“The fire station had more hiccups – delays from Mother Nature – but has made up for it and is really starting to take shape. (We are) very, very happy with the progress that’s happening. I think people can be happy knowing how things are coming along.”

A few other noteworthy business actions are happening around town. Pillen Family Farms has broken ground on a plot of land just north of Columbus Community Hospital along Lost Creek Parkway and is planning to erect its new corporate facility on the site, business representative Sarah Pillen said. She added, though, that the company isn’t providing additional details at this time.

“We haven’t had the chance to talk with a lot of our team yet,” she said of the project. “We haven’t dived into a lot of the details.”

The business is currently headquartered at 3214 25th st.

In other community business news:

*The vacant Kum & Go location at 711 33rd Ave. is being replaced by a Parkview Express, according to a post made by its new operators earlier this week. The business is tentatively expected to open the last week in June. Full and part-time employees are being hired. To learn more, call 402-201-4452.

*iDance Project Performing Arts Center, 3409 21st St., is moving to a new location along West 23rd Street directly beside Super Buffet.

Sam Pimper is the news editor of The Columbus Telegram. Reach him via email at sam.pimper@lee.net.

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