Ted Martin: Companies hiring illegally

January 5, 2019

Editor: In Wednesday’s News-Herald, I read an article about two brothers being arrested for a dog attack situation. Neither male were citizens of the US.

One of the brothers was working for a painting contractor here in Lake Havasu City. He was being paid cash (under the table, illegally) and therefore the employer was knowingly not deducting taxes and social security. By the employer not paying these taxes, I hope that he too (the employer) was reported to the proper authorities although the article did not say nor did it name the contractor.

So because of the lack of proper identification of the painting contractor, I do not know which company hires and pays their employees illegally.

Now does this means I have to ask for proper paperwork to make sure the laws are not being broken when I want some painting done?

The company knowingly broke the law and therefor to my way of thinking, they should have to pay for their crime but the way today’s law enforcement is working, I doubt if they even get their hand slapped. It would be nice if the News-Herald would update that article and name the painting company, which I’m sure they legally can do and then I would feel a little better about whom I hire.

Ted Martin

Lake Havasu City

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