Fight4vets Card Features 19 Bouts

August 30, 2018

Boxing trainer Gene Reed said he is going to have to flip a coin.

Two fighters from his Irish Boxing Club are set to square off at Fight4Vets Boxcar Brawl on Friday at the Radisson Lackawanna Station train shed and he does not want to pick a corner to work. So he and assistant coach Nate Davis will flip a coin and each trainer will take a corner for Tim DeCicco and Chaz Mason, who will make their amateur debuts against each other.

“We’d rather not have our guys fight, but it happens,” Reed said. “They have sparred once and I wasn’t there, but I was told after that this fight should be interesting.”

DeCicco of West Scranton has been training for 10 months and started as a way to get in shape.

“I started doing it for fitness, but then it gets in your blood,” DeCicco said. “I wanted to do the Fight4Vets because of the local ties and it’s such a good cause.”

The card is scheduled for 19 amateur bouts and will feature seven boxers from the Irish Boxing Club. Proceeds will go to Fight4Vets, which provides assistance to veterans in need.

“(DeCicco) has been a good add-on to the gym,” Reed said. “He’s put his time in and he wanted to fight, but his opponent didn’t pan out so we matched him with Chaz.”

Mason, originally from Tampa, Florida, lives in Moscow and trains alongside his brother, Shawn McFadden, a Masters Division boxer from the Irish Boxing Club who will be competing in his 12th fight Friday.

“I’m excited to say I’m fighting on the same card as my brother,” Mason said. “He is one of my biggest influences. I watched his debut fight two years ago and decided I wanted to be a boxer. He has a lot of good advice and I’ve definitely been blessed with knowledge and with people who want to see me succeed.”

Mason has been working on his endurance for the heavyweight bout.

“We’re running a lot,” he said. “The strategy is to keep my lungs for the entire fight and to use my defense and my speed. I want to make him miss and make him pay.”

DeCicco is looking to use his tactics and power to earn a win.

“I want to make my power punches count,” DeCicco said. “Some people go out there swinging away and hope for the best. I want to use tactics to draw him in and then hit him with something.”

Despite seeing both fighters in the gym, Reed did not have a prediction for the outcome.

“It’s boxing; it’s the theater of the unexpected,” he said. “You just don’t know.”

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When: Friday, 7 p.m.

Where: Radisson Lackawanna Station train shed

Tickets: Cost $25-$40 and are available at:

■ Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel, 700 Lackawanna Ave., Scranton

■ Weston Fieldhouse, 982 Providence Road, Scranton

■ Morganz Pub & Eatery, 315 Green Ridge St., Scranton

■ Carmella’s Italian Deli, 106 N. Main Ave., Scranton

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