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Tia Maria Spill Leaves Dock Oozing With Booze

April 2, 1985

MIAMI (AP) _ The docks at the Port of Miami were oozing with booze when a tanker filled with about 5,000 gummy gallons of liqueur tipped over while being loaded by a forklift truck, officials said.

″I’ve never seen this much booze on the ground,″ Ray Mears, a district chief for Miami Fire Rescue, said Monday. ″It’s a hazard because this is a flammable liquid. This is not as bad as if it were poison.″

Mears added of the sweet Tia Maria, a 53-proof, coffee-flavored liqueur, ″I never did like the stuff.″

A chemical spill specialist helped spread absorbent material over the sticky liquid, said port Director Carmen Lunetta. Five city fire trucks were dispatched to handle the sweet mess created by the liqueur.

The alcohol was going to be shipped to a bottling plant for processing.

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