SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) _ Be it hogs or husbands, the winning tactics were the same. Champion callers at the State Fair said you gotta have a gimmick.

''Husband 3/8 I need a husband 3/8'' Shayne Ayers of Springfield yelled in the husband-calling contest. ''I'm 29, I have a career, I make a lot of money, I need a husband 3/8''

Ayers claimed second place Sunday in a seven-woman field, behind Paula Tyler, who threw not only her heart and soul into her call, but also a bucket of water.

Tyler won $325 by attempting to awaken her ''napping'' husband. With a mop in hand and a bandanna on her head, Tyler shrieked at her husband and then asked the audience to chime in.

When all the shouts of ''Donald 3/8 Dooonnalld 3/8'' got her nowhere, Tyler tried a bucket of water.

Stephen Spangler of Newark won $75 and his second straight hog-calling contest by warbling a Hank Williams song, then hitting the hogs with a series of high-pitched ''Sooooey 3/8'' calls.

''There's a necessity to have a skit and appeal to your audience,'' he said. ''To go out and make a loud, guttural hog sooey is not enough.''