Food inspections, Dec. 17, 2018

December 17, 2018

For the period ending Dec.14. To file a complaint call the state Environment Department at 827-1840. Most noted violations were corrected during the inspections.

A CAKE ODYSSEY, 1430 Second St. Cited for knives and utensils improperly stored.

ALICIA’S TORTILLERIA, 1314 Rufina Circle. Previous violations corrected.

ALLSUP’S, 650 Cerrillos Road. Cited for mold and ink stains on ice machine, food temperature in danger zone, leaky faucet, no covered receptacle for sanitary napkins, open dumpster lids, lack of paper towel dispenser, carbon dioxide cylinder not covered.

BAR ALTO, 228 E. Palace Ave. Cited for no hand sink in prep area, food on steam table not at proper temperature, holes in tent used as outdoor prep area.

BLAKE’S LOTABURGER, 404 N. Guadalupe St. Cited for sanitizer buckets not at proper level, walk-in freezer needs repair, particle accumulation on ceilings, walls and floors; grease and particles on ventilation system, grease on floors.

BLAKE’S LOTABURGER, 2827 Zia Road. Cited for lack of internal thermometers, lack of sanitizer buckets, foods not labeled, light bulbs lack shields.

CAFE ATALAYA, 66 E. San Francisco St. Cited for cooler and freezer not having internal thermometers, lack of hair restraints, some foods not labeled.

COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT, 3347 Cerrillos Road. Cited for paint peeling above prep sink, problem with chicken temperature, dishwasher sanitizer not at proper level.

COWGIRL BBQ, 319 S. Guadalupe St. Cited for no soap at hand sink, no paper towels in dispenser, coolers, freezers did not have thermometers, particle accumulation on floors, ceilings and walls; foods not dated.

ECONO LODGE, 3752 Cerrillos Road. Cited for lack of sanitizer buckets.

EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS, 825 Cerrillos Road. Cited for spray bottles not labeled, sanitizer buckets not available.

ELOISA RESTAURANT, 228 E. Palace Ave. Cited for employee drink and phone in prep area, ice and food buildup in hand sink, hand sink lacked soap, shell stock tags not with shell stock, improper stacking of raw eggs, food temperature in danger zone, food not properly cooled, lack of hair restraint, wash cloth out of sanitizer bucket, unapproved microwave, old food buildup on cracked cutting board, food not thrown out that should have been.

FAST & REAL BURRITOS. Cited for some food items not dated, refrigerator lacks internal thermometer.

FLYING TORTILLA, 4250 Cerrillos Road. Cited for ice buildup on food in freezer. Previous violations corrected.

ICONIK COFFEE ROASTERS, 1600 Lena St. Cited for particle accumulation on knife.

JIMMY JOHNS, 1698 St. Michaels Drive. Cited for no hand-wash sign, food buildup on meat handle, improper sanitizer solution, ice pooling on food boxes, broken ice bucket, open dumpster lids.

JIMMY JOHNS, 3526 Zafarano Drive. Cited for no hand-wash sign, ice pooling on food in freezer, no label on spray bottle, no covered receptacle for sanitary napkins.

LA FOGATA GRILL, 112 W. San Francisco St. Cited for dust on vent and ceiling, chipped floor tiles.

LONCHERIA EL LOMPA, near 4715 Airport Road. Cited for food temperature in danger zone, no water at hand sink, mixing soap and sanitizer. Complaint confirmed that the mobile unit did not have a generator to power the refrigeration unit or the pump for hand washing.

LOVE YOURSELF CAFE, 199 Paseo de Peralta. Cited for lack of soap at hand sink, spray bottles not labeled, lack of sanitizer.

LU LU’S CHINESE CUISINE, 3011 Cerrillos Road. Lack of hair restraints, food not properly date-labeled, food not properly thawed, lack of sanitizer, particle accumulation on walls, floor and ceiling.

MEOW WOLF, 1352 Rufina Circle. Cited for lack of hand-wash sign, no or low sanitizer in dishwasher, lack of thermometer in refrigerator, dust on wine bottles, ice scoop improperly stored, drain line lacks proper air gap, no receptacle for sanitary napkins.

MEZCAL, 4048 Cerrillos Road. Cited for employee drink in refrigerator, leaking faucet.

NEW MEXICO SCHOOL FOR THE ARTS, 275 E. Alameda St. No violations cited.

PACHECO STREET SENIOR CENTER, 1500 Pacheco St. Cited for towels not in proper dispenser, dust on ventilation equipment.

PATINAS, 4043 Cerrillos Road. Cited for no wash sign at bathroom sink, low sanitizer level in dish machine, grease on ice machine and can opener, improper mashed potato temperature, sanitizer stored on top of prep area, food stored on floor in walk-in refrigerator, knives stored in sanitizer bucket, utensils stored in unclean container, sink drain lines lack proper air gap, lack of covered receptacle for sanitary napkins.

PEAS N POD CATERING, 1314 Apache Ave. Cited for no dates on food in cooler, spray bottles not properly labeled, unprotected condensation line, particle accumulation on vent equipment.

RED ENCHILADA RESTAURANT, 1310 Osage. Cited for ice scoop handle in ice, lack of hand-wash sign, food containers not labeled.

REGAL SANTA FE STADIUM 14, 3474 Zafarano Drive. Cited for mold on ice machine, lack of soap at hand sink.

REMIX AUDIO BAR, 101 W. Marcy St. Cited for lack of test strips for sanitizer kit.

RIO CHAMA, 414 Old Santa Fe Trail. Previous violations corrected.

SANTA FE RECOVERY CENTER CATERING, 4100 Lucia Lane. Cited for drink in food prep area without lid or straw, container lids are broken, lack of hand-wash sign, no covered receptacle for sanitary napkins, lint and food buildup on fans.

CHRISTUS ST. VINCENT REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER, 455 St. Michael’s Drive. Cited for food temperatures in danger zone, exposed insulation, broken containers, display refrigerator not keeping proper temperature.

SPROUT FARMERS MARKET, 199 Paseo de Peralta. Cited for deep scratches on cutting board, hot water turned off to hand sink, broken equipment, hoses in sink lack proper air gap, food buildup on meat saw, rusty shelving, lint buildup on vents and fans, shell stock not protected from contamination and displayed in container that holds water.

TAQUERIA ARGELIA, various locations. Cited for unapproved refrigerator.

TERRA VERDE JUICERY, 851 W. San Mateo. No violations recorded.

THUNDERBIRD BAR & GRILL, 50 Lincoln Drive. Approved for reopening after September fire.

TIERRA ENCANTADA CHARTER SCHOOL, 4601 Mission Bend. Cited for no paper towels at hand sink, lack of sanitizer, dish machine not sanitizing.

TUNE-UP CAFE, 1115 Hickox St. Cited for problems with prep food ice, no dates on foods in coolers and not labeled, food cooling on counter, food particles and dirt on floors, walls and ceiling.

VIOLET CROWN CINEMA, 1606 Alcaldesa St. Cited for particle accumulation on vent hood. hand sink blocked.

WECK’S, 2000 Cerrillos Road. Cited for mold and grease on ice machine, eggs improperly stored, egg at improper temperature, problem with stem thermometer, food cooled improperly, saran wrap boxes absorbent with old food buildup, unapproved microwaves, broken equipment.

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