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SHOW LOW, Ariz. (AP) _ One person was arrested in Show Low for an offense unrelated to the start of the giant wildfire that forced the evacuation of the city.

During a late-morning briefing, fire spokesman Jim Paxon erroneously announced that a person had been arrested and accused of starting one of the two fires that later joined to form the monster blaze, largest in state history.

Moments later, after officials said the arrest was for a minor offense unrelated to the start of the fire, Paxon apologized to reporters.

``I work hard to see that doesn't happen,'' Paxon said. ``I'll work harder to make sure that it doesn't happen again.''

One of the two fires that joined to form the blaze was ignited by a lost hiker signaling for help. Authorities had said the other fire was human-caused, but the exact origin had remained under investigation.