Letter to the editor: Wolf’s education policies for all Pennsylvanians

August 12, 2018

The education of Pennsylvania’s citizens and workforce must be a priority. While many successful initiatives focus on collegiate four-year programs, it’s important to highlight the impact of apprenticeships, vocational training and community colleges.

Apprenticeships and vocational programs provide critical training and start workers on a path to good wages and dignified work. There are many good, family-sustaining career options that require vocational training or apprenticeships. The value of apprenticeship programs is immeasurable, and that’s why Gov. Tom Wolf set a goal of doubling them by 2025.

In Pennsylvania, participation in career and technical education programs has gone up. We need to build on that progress, and with Wolf making an additional $30 million investment in the PAsmart initiative, we’re doing just that.

Even having a small amount of money saved for continued education can set a child up for success. The new Keystone Scholars program is not exclusive to four-year universities, but can be used toward the cost of trade schools, vocational programs and community colleges. The program is not funded by taxpayer dollars and will help every student no matter what educational path they choose.

Wolf is a governor for all Pennsylvanians regardless of the type of degree they may or may not seek. His record of investing in workforce development and dedication to ensuring our 21st-century workforce is accessible for all Pennsylvanians is one of the many reasons I hope to see him win another term.

Mark Hirschfeld


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