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2 Sought in Robbery Arrested

November 1, 1997

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) _ When the armored car was hit in June, a note left in place of the $2.7 million mentioned Paris. Instead, FBI agents found the men they were searching for _ an armored guard and his friend _ at a hotel in this beach town.

Bobby O’Neal Negri Jr., 30, was arrested Friday night, and Michael Brandon Lutz, 23, was taken into custody about 30 minutes later, the FBI said. Authorities did not immediately find the money.

Authorities say Negri stole the money on his 30th birthday from the Loomis, Fargo & Co. armored truck he was guarding after his partner went into a McDonald’s restaurant for breakfast.

Left in the truck were Negri’s pistol and a postcard that read: ``Is Paris this nice this time of year? Oui. Bye.″

FBI spokesman Dan Vogel said an earlier tip had placed them at Walt Disney World in July. They had apparently been staying at the hotel since Sept. 26, and were arrested without incident after authorities got a tip they were in the area, Vogel said.

``We don’t know the disposition of the money. Agents are at the scene trying to find it,″ he said.

FBI spokeswoman Anne Figueras said the suspects were being processed and likely would be held in Miami pending a hearing before a federal magistrate Monday.

Negri and Lutz are friends. Lutz’s roommate, David Trude, said the three of them had talked about how easy it would be to rob an armored car. Trude told the FBI that he had not taken the talk seriously until Negri and Lutz disappeared.

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