Dave’s Dummy: Picked the Wrong Place

July 24, 2018

Dave’s Dummy of the Day walked into the wrong restaurant to try and rob.

Six employees at Mi Nidito, a Mexican restaurant in Arizona, took down an attempted dummy robber by hitting him with a chair, a broom, and their fists.

In a video obtained by the South Tucson Police, the alleged criminal can be seen making his way behind the counter just as customers flee the establishment.

Next, he pushes the cash register and kicks it -- just as one of the employees comes up from behind and smacks him in the head with a chair. Another employee comes at him with a broom. Eventually, six employees climb on top of the criminal, punching and wrestling him to the floor, then holding him there until the police arrive.

The would-be thief was arrested and at last word was still in police custody.

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