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Getting a read on rocks, fossils

vanFrankenhuyzen KellyMay 20, 2019

The Ludington State Park hosted a program about reading fossils and rocks as part of Heaven and Earth Day Saturday.

Alan Wernette, Ludington State Park interpreter led the program with five participants.

The program began at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Beach House and participants walked to an area of glacial deposit stones.

Wernette who said he used to work at the Geology Center at Waterloo State Park near Chelsea is a history buff and loves geology.

“Long before people, rocks told us a history of the earth,” Wernette said.

Wernette gave the history of the Great Lakes area and the importance of petoskey stones, the state stone.

Wernette talked about different types of rocks like granite (igneous rock) basalt (igneous rock)metamorphic, limestone (sedimentary) and how rocks forms.

“Conglomerate rock (sedimentary) is used on road surfaces and piers,” Wernette said.

Wernette talked about the Canadian shield and mountains that were volcanos creating iron and copper mines in the Upper Peninsula.

Wernette asked the participants to look in the glacial area of deposit stones and find stones that appealed to them and he would talk about the stone.

Each participant got to take home a special stone as a history souvenir.

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