Many change behavior for climate -- Robert H. Owen Jr.

September 14, 2018

In response to the Sept. 6 letter to the editor ” Carbon use is part of modern living,” I am taking action on climate and carbon pollution personally and politically because humans are causing climate change, and we can mitigate it.

In my political efforts, I support Citizens Climate Lobby and its bipartisan carbon fee and dividend proposal to create an increased financial incentive to reduce carbon pollution while stimulating the economy with green energy jobs.

In addition to supporting CCL, I support efforts in my community, to reduce its carbon footprint. I support resistance to new fossil-fuel pipelines and efforts to encourage Madison Gas and Electric to rapidly increase its reliance on renewable energy.

Personally, I own a residential solar array which helps power my home and my car, a Chevy Volt. I plan to install an efficient solar refrigerator to further reduce my carbon footprint.

I do all this because I am concerned about climate change and what it means for all of our descendants. I have a lot of company. I hope that the letter writer will join us, too.

Robert H. Owen Jr., Middleton

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