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Hobo Loses $18,000 and Gets It Back - Twice

November 1, 1985

SOUTHEND, England (AP) _ How lucky can you get? Surely not much more than a 79-year-old hobo named Dick Luck.

Southend police today said they’re trying to trace Luck to tell him his 12,927 pounds ($18,614), which he twice lost and retrieved, and apparently thought he lost a third time, is safely in the bank.

Detective Sgt. John Soames said the absent-minded vagrant first reported the loss of his brown bag containing spare socks, underwear, a mirror, hat and savings last month in this southeast England seaside resort.

A citizen found it at Southend Central railroad station and handed it intact to police, Soames said.

The police returned it to Luck and advised him to open an account with the bank across the street to keep the money safe. He did.

But a few days later, he withdrew the cash from the account and went off on his travels again.

Last week in London, Luck again reported the loss of the bag and cash. Again, it was turned in to police with nothing missing.

Police returned it to Luck a second time, and advised him to reopen a bank account, which he did before setting out on more travels.

On Tuesday, Luck once more reported the loss of the bag and its contents. But this time, he apparently forgot the money was in the bank.

When newspapers reported Luck’s plight, the bank informed police his cash was safe with them. But by then, he’d taken to the road again.

″It seems that his luck is still in,″ said Soames. ″He’s very confused, but I am pleased for him because he is a nice old boy.″

Soames said Luck, a ex-railroad worker who also worked on sheep farms in Australia and New Zealand, told police he’d saved the money from his various jobs and planned to buy a trailer with it.

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