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Woman in love longs to hear three words from beau

Jeanne Phillips DEAR ABBYMay 27, 2019

DEAR ABBY: I have been dating a wonderful man for a little more than two years. We are both divorced and have children. Mine are 20 and 15; his are 12 and 10. We are very close, all of our kids get along, all the exes get along, etc.

I love him. Despite thinking I’d never feel this way again, it has happened. He treats me SO well — he is absolutely amazing to me. We go places, do things — dinners, family events, etc. I have never felt so loved and valued.

My issue is, he has not said the words “I love you” yet. We have discussed it a few times, but he is terrified to say it because of his divorce. I don’t want to pressure him, but how long should I wait for him to say it before moving on? As a side note, it took him forever to say it to his now ex-wife when they were dating. — LOVING HIM

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