Our View: Gould for supervisor; Wakimoto’s pledge hurts her

August 17, 2018

By most rights, the incumbent in a race for Mohave County supervisor should have the upper hand in re-election.

Except in the race for District 5, Supervisor Lois Wakimoto isn’t seeking re-election. She was appointed to the seat less than a year ago and her appointment was largely based on a pledge not to run for the office.

“I will not split my focus time by running for election,” she said at the time. “I will go and do anything that you need of me to make things better for Mohave County and be the voice of District 5.”

Well, as they say in politics, that was then and this is now. She opted to run, prompted, she said, by encouragement from others that she was the person most able to fight for and defend water rights for Mohave County.

As might be imagined, this pledge, along with the self-aggrandizing justification for breaking it, is the dominant topic in the race. Wakimoto should not be running for this seat.

Her Republican opponent, Ron Gould, has been around local politics a long time. He now lives in Yucca but operates an air conditioning business in Lake Havasu City full time.

Wakimoto is a very nice, thoughtful individual. She spends a fair amount of time in Lake Havasu City campaigning these days and has strong political backers here Has that translated to more and better county services for this area? Voters need to decide the answer to that.

Gould has served on the Lake Havasu City Council and in the Legislature. He was head of the Senate water committee.

He’s a known entity who earns high marks from those favoring financial conservatism and limited government.

District 5 covers the area that includes the north part of Lake Havasu City and extending north through Mohave Valley.

Of the two candidates, Gould has more experience in governance and government and also with Lake Havasu City issues.

Gould should be the able and willing to reign in county spending that often seems to favor everywhere except the Lake Havasu City area.

Gould is capable and experienced. Wakimoto is running as the supervisor who pledged not to run.

Is there even a question there?

— Today’s News-Herald

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