Voter registration up in city, down in county

August 21, 2018

KINGMAN — Mohave County saw a decrease in active registered voters as of Aug. 1, but Bullhead City saw an increase.

The county now has 118,839 active registered voters, a decrease from March 1 when there were 120,192, Mohave County Recorder Kristi Blair said.

As of Aug. 1, there were 54,594 registered Republicans and 20,191 Democrats in the county. There were 43,205 registered voters who were listed as other parties or independents. There were 710 registered Libertarians and 139 Greens.

There were 20,648 active registered voters in Bullhead City Precinct 211 as of Aug. 1. There were 20,353 in the city as of March 1. There were 8,240 registered Republicans, 4,223 registered Democrats and 8,057 registered as other parties or independents in the city. There are 27 Greens and 101 Libertarians registered in Bullhead City.

As of Aug. 1, there were 12,921 registered voters in Mohave Valley Precinct 212, including 2,404 Democrats, 5,398 Republicans and 5,020 voters registered as independents. There were 79 Libertarians and 20 Greens.

In the Golden Shores Precinct 222, there were 1,230 registered voters with 242 Democrats, 551 Republicans and 431 voters registered as independents. There were 157 registered voters in Oatman Precinct 206, including 25 Democrats, 72 Republicans and 58 independents.

There were 6,395 active registered voters in Golden Valley, including 995 Democrats, 2,764 Republicans and 2,589 independents, as well as 36 Libertarians and 11 Greens.

There were 29,579 active registered voters in the four Kingman precincts as of Aug. 1, including 5,009 Democrats, 13,379 Republicans and 10,936 independents, as well as 222 Libertarians and 33 Greens.

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