The 24 films and revised credits, including formerly blacklisted writers and those whose names properly appeared in original credits:

_``Adventures of Robinson Crusoe'' (1952), Hugo Butler and Luis Bunuel.

_``Autumn Leaves'' (1955), Jean Rouveral, Hugo Butler, Lewis Meltzer and Robert Blees.

_``Born Free'' (1966), Lester Cole.

_``The Case Against Brooklyn'' (1958), Bernard Gordon and Daniel B. Ullman.

_``Chicago Confidential'' (1957), Bernard Gordon.

_``Circus World'' (1964), Ben Hecht, Julian Zimet, James Edward Grant, Philip Yordan and Nicholas Ray.

_``Conspiracy of Hearts'' (1960), Robert Presnell and Adrian Scott.

_``Crack in the World'' (1965), Jon Manchip White and Julian Zimet.

_``Custer of the West'' (1968), Bernard Gordon and Julian Zimet.

_``Earth vs. the Flying Saucers'' (1956), George Worthing Yates, Bernard Gordon and Curt Siodmak.

_``Escape from San Quentin'' (1957), Bernard Gordon.

_``Hellcats of the Navy'' (1957), David Lang and Bernard Gordon.

_``Inherit the Wind'' (1960), Nedrick Young and Harold Jacob Smith.

_``Little Giants'' (1958), Hugo Butler and Edward Huebsch.

_``The Man Who Turned to Stone'' (1957), Bernard Gordon.

_``The Misadventures of Merlin Jones'' (1964), Alfred Lewis Levitt, Helen Levitt and Bill Walsh.

_``The Monkey's Uncle'' (1965), Alfred Lewis Levitt and Helen Levitt.

_``Pancho Villa'' (1971), Julian Zimet and Gene Martin.

_``A Place for Lovers'' (1969), Julian Zimet, Peter Baldwin, Ennio de Concini, Tonino Guerra, Cesare Zavattini and Brunello Rondi.

_``Psyche 59'' (1965), Julian Zimet.

_``The Robe'' (1953), Albert Maltz, Philip Dunne and Gina Kaus.

_``Torero'' (1956), Hugo Butler and Carlos Velo.

_``The Young One'' (1960), Hugo Butler and Luis Bunuel.

_``Zombies of Mara Tau'' (1957), Bernard Gordon and George Plympton.