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List of films and revised credits approved by the Writers Guild

April 3, 1997

The 24 films and revised credits, including formerly blacklisted writers and those whose names properly appeared in original credits:

_``Adventures of Robinson Crusoe″ (1952), Hugo Butler and Luis Bunuel.

_``Autumn Leaves″ (1955), Jean Rouveral, Hugo Butler, Lewis Meltzer and Robert Blees.

_``Born Free″ (1966), Lester Cole.

_``The Case Against Brooklyn″ (1958), Bernard Gordon and Daniel B. Ullman.

_``Chicago Confidential″ (1957), Bernard Gordon.

_``Circus World″ (1964), Ben Hecht, Julian Zimet, James Edward Grant, Philip Yordan and Nicholas Ray.

_``Conspiracy of Hearts″ (1960), Robert Presnell and Adrian Scott.

_``Crack in the World″ (1965), Jon Manchip White and Julian Zimet.

_``Custer of the West″ (1968), Bernard Gordon and Julian Zimet.

_``Earth vs. the Flying Saucers″ (1956), George Worthing Yates, Bernard Gordon and Curt Siodmak.

_``Escape from San Quentin″ (1957), Bernard Gordon.

_``Hellcats of the Navy″ (1957), David Lang and Bernard Gordon.

_``Inherit the Wind″ (1960), Nedrick Young and Harold Jacob Smith.

_``Little Giants″ (1958), Hugo Butler and Edward Huebsch.

_``The Man Who Turned to Stone″ (1957), Bernard Gordon.

_``The Misadventures of Merlin Jones″ (1964), Alfred Lewis Levitt, Helen Levitt and Bill Walsh.

_``The Monkey’s Uncle″ (1965), Alfred Lewis Levitt and Helen Levitt.

_``Pancho Villa″ (1971), Julian Zimet and Gene Martin.

_``A Place for Lovers″ (1969), Julian Zimet, Peter Baldwin, Ennio de Concini, Tonino Guerra, Cesare Zavattini and Brunello Rondi.

_``Psyche 59″ (1965), Julian Zimet.

_``The Robe″ (1953), Albert Maltz, Philip Dunne and Gina Kaus.

_``Torero″ (1956), Hugo Butler and Carlos Velo.

_``The Young One″ (1960), Hugo Butler and Luis Bunuel.

_``Zombies of Mara Tau″ (1957), Bernard Gordon and George Plympton.

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