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Typhoon Cuts Short Russian-American Naval Exercises

August 14, 1996

VLADIVOSTOK, Russia (AP) _ U.S. and Russian naval forces practiced disaster rescue techniques Wednesday, but the joint exercises in the Sea of Japan were cut short by an approaching typhoon.

About 200 Russian and 200 U.S. sailors took part in the maneuvers at the Russian navy’s training grounds 60 miles south of Vladivostok, said Russian Pacific Fleet spokesman Viktor Ryzhkov.

The two forces planned to hold exercises for two days to improve coordination in helping civilians during natural disasters in coastal areas.

But the exercises were limited to one day because of a potential real natural disaster: Typhoon Kirk was heading toward Russia’s Far East after hitting Japan with winds up to 130 mph.

The U.S. sailors were from the USS Belleau Wood that arrived in Vladivostok earlier this week.

The exercises were the third held by Russia’s Pacific Fleet and the U.S. 7th Fleet since 1994.

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